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Boiler that needs replacing
Boiler after replacing

Featured Projects

Dynamic Integrations has performed over 1000 energy audits, each one resulting in detailed, cost-rated recommendations of steps the client can take to reduce energy use and improve the interior environment of their buildings. Our work doesn't end there. In many cases, we have consulted on the implementation of the recommended changes, from replacing ancient boilers to installing complete cogeneration systems using state-of-the-art diesel generators integrated with advanced coolant and exhaust heat reclamation systems, in environments as varied as Bellows Falls Union High School in Vermont and the Lebanon, NH, sewage treatment plant. Another example: Our plan for the Grafton County Courthouse in New Hampshire resulted in a 40% reduction in heating oil costs and a 50% reduction in electricity costs, with a payback period of only six months.

Download our complete list of clients and projects while we compile photos and stats for a few we'd like to feature:

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