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Detailed plans and specifications support every system design project.

About Dynamic Integrations

Dynamic Integrations LLC was formed in 1976 to provide solutions to energy inefficiency and growing environmental problems in existing buildings. This has required multidisciplinary expertise in mechanical, electrical, architectural, and environmental design. By successfully integrating these disciplines, Dynamic Integrations has consistently achieved its goal of providing clients with the means to create a healthy living environment in an efficiently operated building.

In its 35-plus years in business, Dynamic Integrations has conducted over one thousand energy audits, including sixteen campus-wide audits ranging from five to fifty buildings each. In addition, we have consulted on dozens of energy system design/management projects and conducted dozens more training seminars on energy auditing and energy systems management. We have developed the commercial and industrial demand-side management programs for three local utilities and coordinated utility company approval of recommended energy conservation measures.

Dynamic Integrations has clients throughout the states of Vermont and New Hampshire, as well as in Massachusetts, New York, and as far away as Kansas. We have extensive experience working with the Vermont Department of Public Service (DPS), and have also developed forms and procedures used in Vermont's state-wide energy audit program, as well as training dozens of energy auditors.

In preparing energy audits and technical assistance reports for schools, hospitals, local government buildings, and public care facilities throughout our region, Dynamic Integrations has consistently sought out the best available technologies and analyzed their most cost effective applications. We maintain an experienced and dedicated network of associated specialists, whose expertise allows us to go beyond the basics of energy auditing to encompass the whole building environment. We offer energy planning toward net zero consumption - with all that offers in terms of cost savings and enhanced physical comfort - while at the same time addressing air quality, appropriate workspace lighting, and the other factors that make our buildings more livable.

Download our complete list of clients and projects:

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